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School Profile:

Emusic Studio was born in 2003 at Changi Road, where we started off specialising in piano, violin, guitar and guzheng lessons. We are now located at the heart of Singapore at Upper Thomson for the convenience of our students across the island.

Our lessons are based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (London) syllabus in preparation for the Trinity Guildhall/LCM exams. Besides providing only pianos of high quality, we strive to make our learning environment a fun one to nurture a love for music in children.

Our experienced and patient staff from music colleges around the world are bursting with creativity, and we consider it a joy to develop young musical talent to its full potential.

Learning music at Emusic is more than just taking lessons. It is not just a school, but also a social gathering for students who appreciate music and want to interact with others with similar interests. Join us today, and take the first step towards a fulfilling musical journey for life.

Explore a whole new musical world with your precious child bow the violin through the joy of music or strum the guitar to the journey of life with Ensemble Music...

Courses Offer:
Babies posing with Mini Piano
  • Music Time / Music Journey
    • Piano / Violin / Guitar / Ukulele / Guzheng
    • Age 4 – 8 yrs, Individual / Group
Get your kid excited about music with this lively and engaging course! Your young musician will be immersed in the areas of performance, theory, singing and composition in the most fun way possible.

Join us for a unique and rewarding journey!
Girl playing piano
  • Graded Classical Piano / Intensive Music Theory
    • (Grade 1 to 8 and Diploma levels) , Individual
Blossom into a well-rounded musician and take the next step toward a professional level of music. Our course is based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (London) syllabus and covers fundamental skills such as playing repertoire pieces, scales and arpeggios, aural training, sight reading, technical exercises and theory required for the Trinity Guildhall/LCM exam.

Good results proven.
Girl playing violin
  • Graded Classical Violin / Viola / Cello
    • (Grade 1 to 8 and Diploma levels), Individual
Enjoy the soulful sounds of the violin and acquire the technical skills to play with ease.

You’ll learn various bowing techniques and rhythms to achieve good tone and articulations, and achieve musical maturity in this structured and rigorous course.

Based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (London) syllabus, our comprehensive programme prepares you for the Trinity Guildhall/LCM exam.
Girl playing piano
  • Cool Music ( Pop / Jazz)
    • Piano, Teenagers / Adult
It’s never too late to pursue your dream of playing the piano or keyboard. Cultivate familiarity with note names through solfège singing. Spark your imagination through singing. You’ll also learn to improvise and experiment with different genres ranging from pop to jazz to blues to folk.
Girl playing guitar
  • Guitar Course
    • Age 5 yrs & above, Individual / Group
Learn how to play your favorite pop songs by strumming chords or plucking the strings.

You’ll get the chance to explore the classical, pop, jazz, blues and folk genres, and learn how to improvise to put your own unique twist on a tune.
Boy playing ukelele
  • Ukulele Course
    • Age 5 yrs & above, Individual / Group
Discover the simple beauty of the ukulele, an instrument that originates from Hawaii but is growing in popularity worldwide.

Master songs with basic chords using simple strumming techniques for an instant sense of achievement.
  • Guzheng Course
    • Age 4 yrs & above, Individual / Group
Quiet your mind and listen. You’ll find the guzheng is one of the most beautiful and expressive instruments around.

Learn this traditional Chinese instrument for personal enjoyment or to de-stress from a hectic work or student life.

Explore and rediscover the musical talent in YOU.
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