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Teachers' Choice Selected Piano Repertory & Studies 2015-2016 (Gr 6 - 7)
Publisher: Wells Music Publishers
Product Code: 9789810924102
Author/Composer: Josephine Koh


Teachers' Choice, Selected Piano Repertory & Studies for Grade 6&7 is compiled to provide teachers and students with good options for the 2015-2016 ABRSM piano examinations.
This collection of interesting and appealing piano pieces contains editorial suggestions for pedagogical purposes. Most piano teachers will find the performance points helpful in developing stylistic awareness in the students.
Examination requirements aside, teaching details with regards to articulation, dynamics, fingering, pedal marks and tempo indications encourage students to practise diligently and thus strive towards musical excellence and perfection.
Effective technical studies, suited to the levels have been carefully selected, forming in themselves, supplementary material to enhance the learning process.
Most important of all, enjoy the high standards of music typography - such clear, professionally laid scores, supported by modern publishing technology and musical semiotics. The digital print on quality cream-coloured paper ensures comfort in the reading of music scores.

Allegro in B Flat [Bach, J. C. F.]
Allegro: 1st movt from Sonata in C, K. 545 [Mozart]
Fuga Seconda [Telemann]
Thema mit Variationen: 2nd movt from Sonata in G, Op.118 No.1 [Schumann]
Duo Sentimental: No.6 from Miniatures (Op.52) [Turina]
Two Turtle-Doves: No. 2from Partridge Pie, Book 1 [Bennett, Richard R.]
Threnody, No.5 from Five Bagatelles [Vine, Carl]
Flexible Wrist with Legato Playing, Op.45 No.1 [Heller]
Legato Runs and Staccato Chords, Op.823, No.64 [Czerny]
Allemande: 1st movt from French Suite No.6 in E, BVW 817 [Bach, J. S]
Sonata In A, Kp. 182 (L.139) [Scarlatti, D.]
Waltz, Op.31 No.2 [Cui]
No.2: from Four Short Piano Pieces, S.192 [Lizt]
Gondellied [Mendelssohn]
Canope, No.10 from Preludes, Book 2 [Debussy]
Rapid Change of Finger on Repeated Notes, Op.38 No.7 [Stamaty]
Triads In Inversions, Op.821 No.110 [Czerny]
Pedaling Harmonies [Czerny]
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