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Xtreme Drums
Publisher: Wise Publications
Product Code: SMT1155
Author/Composer: Mark Walker


If you want to spend more time making music and less time bogged down in mind numbing theory, then this book is for you. The Xtreme series provides a funky and fresh teaching method for beginners through a series of easy-to-follow lessons, exercises, true stories and superstar tips. Whether it be electric guitar, drums, DJing or singing, our team of Xtremists are here to guide you.
In Xtreme drums, resident sticksman Skins guides you through a 10-lesson programme that covers everything from setting up your kit and holding the sticks correctly to fine-tuning techniques such as fill-ins, backbeats and grace notes. With a free audio-CD, profiles of 10 of the greatest drummers of all time and easy-to-follow guidelines that will help you to play just like them, Xtreme drums arme you with all you need to be able to get the most out of your kit in no time.
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