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Byrd, Bull and Others: Galliards, Pavans and Other Keyboard Works
Publisher: Dover Publications
Product Code: 9780486431208
Author/Composer: Galliards,Pavans


he virginal was a kind of harpsichord enormously popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and virginal books were all the rage, representing every important composer writing for that instrument—including such giants as William Byrd, Thomas Morley, John Bull, and Orlando Gibbons. The classic Fitzwilliam Virginal Book—a best-seller in its two-volume Dover edition, now in its 16th printing!—is considered the most remarkable collection of English keyboard music of the time. Now, all devotees of early keyboard music will welcome this attractive, slimmer compilation of the best-known pieces from the original Fitzwilliam set. These include such courtly dances as the galliard and pavan, ingenious preludes, fanciful fantasias, and more.
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