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Guitar Lesson for Kids and Adults In Singapore

The Guitar has always been a great instrument for any music lovers. Its basics are easy to pick up and the instrument is convenient to carry around for any events. Even with the number of YouTube tutorials out there, there is still an ongoing demand to learn the basics through a structured guitar lesson plan […]

How To Choose Kids Guitar

Are you looking at buying a kids or children guitar for your loved ones? If so, these are the common questions asked: 1. What guitar size is suitable? 2. Is Acoustic or Classical model better? 3. What wood type is good? Let’s tackle these questions one by one. Guitar size chart Following is a Guide […]

Musical Instruments Dry Cabinet

Have you just invested in an expensive piece of Solid Wood string instrument such as a Guitar, Violin or Viola? Good for you! However, I’m sure we are aware that the humidity level in Singapore is a silent (yet sure) killer to these instruments. No matter how good your hard case is, it is not […]