This digital product comprises of 25 pages of teaching materials with Chinese translations.

Contents (目录):

  • How to read Kalimba Music Sheet (如何视奏卡林巴乐谱)
  • Understanding Simple Notations (了解基本音乐符号)
  • Playing Technique Introduction (弹奏技巧)
  • Single versus Multiple Notes Playing (单音、多音弹法)
  • Melody and Harmony Playing (主音、合音同奏)
  • 1, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1.5 counts, triplets (一拍,半拍,四分一,四分三,三连音拍)
  • 27 Practice Pieces (27练习曲子)

Ideally, learners should have some basic music background to move through the material independently.
学习者要具有基本音乐理论 便能独立跟着教材学习。