How to Order


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  3. Call us at 6456 9096 or sms to 9859 9131 to place your order.


Ordering books, instruments, gifts and accessories at our website is similar to buying them at a physical shop – you put the item(s) you want to purchase in your Shopping Cart, then you checkout and make payment.

Browse/Start Shopping

Start by clicking on the Shop link on the main menu. You can choose to go to the various sections: Books, Instruments, Gifts or Accessories.

If you mouse-over the sections on the main menu, you will be able to select the categories for each section via the drop-down menu. You can click on the categories to access the products in the sub-categories directly.

In the Listing page of each sub-category, you can choose to select the quantity you wish to order (via the “-“ and “+” icons) and click “Add to Cart” button to add the item to your Shopping Cart.

You may sort the products in the Listing page by clicking on the “Sort By”. Options for “Sort By” include “Book Title”, “Publisher”, “Composer”.

In addition, you can decide how many products you wish to display in each page via the “Display Per Page” options. Options for “Display Per Page” include “10”, “20”, “50”, “100”.

If you wish to find out more about each product, click on the thumbnail picture or the Product Name to go to the Product Details page. At the Product Details page, you can find out the Publisher, Product Code, Author/Composer, and Description. Click on “…read more” for more description details. Click on the thumbnails to view the enlarged versions of the product.

If you are interested in the product, please click on the “-“ and “+” icons to minus or add quantity of product, and click on the “Add to Cart” button to add the product to your Shopping Cart. Once the item is added to your Shopping Cart, the page will be refreshed and you will see the item incremented at the top of the page under “Shopping Cart: 1 item(s)”.

You can sign up or login to enjoy member pricing, promotions and discounts.

At each Product Details page, you will also see other recommended products at the “You may also like” section within the same page.

For Books with multiple grades

You can choose to make bulk selection for books, which have multiple grades. Simply select the checkboxes for each grade and indicate the quantity of the grade you would like to purchase. Click on the “Add to Cart” button to add them to your Shopping Cart.

Member Shopping

As a member, you can enjoy discounts for your current and every subsequent purchase. You may receive our latest newsletters, product mails, music events, promotion news and our complimentary gifts.

At the Listing page, you can see the member price (and savings) in bold pink font. The List Price is listed in black.

Search for a product

To search, you can click at the magnifying glass at the top-right of every page of the website. You may enter the Product Code, Product Name or keyword to search.

Your Shopping Cart

You can see the contents of your Shopping Cart – Product thumbnail picture, Product Name, Product Code, Quantity of each product, List Price, Total, Subtotal, Delivery & Grand Total. If you are logged in as a member, you will also see the Member Price.

If you need to remove item(s) in the Shopping Cart, select the checkbox(es) with the Trashcan icon and click on “Update Cart” button.

If you need to change the quantity of your item(s), input the revised quantity in their respective fields and click on “Update Cart” button.

If you have a Promo Code, enter it in the text field and click on “Use Promo Code” button.


Once you are satisfied with your Shopping Cart, click on the “Checkout” button.

In the next page, you will see your Cart Contents on the left-hand side of the page. Please enter your Delivery Details on the right-hand side. If you are logged in as a member, your details will automatically be filled in at this page. Please ensure your details are correct.

Click on “Next: Confirm Order” button to see the summary of your order.

Once you checked that your order contents and delivery details are correct, click on “Submit & Make Payment” button.

You will be redirected to the PayPal page to make payment.

Making Payment

With PayPal, you can choose to simply enter your PayPal account information to make payment or you can create a PayPal account and make payment immediately.

Ensemble Music uses PayPal’s secure online payment gateway for maximum security. PayPal is the world’s leading online secure payment processor.

At the PayPal site, to complete the payment, please click on the “Pay Now” button.

After payment, you will be redirected to the Ensemble Music website with a success page. You will also receive an order confirmation email with your Order Number.

Once you have made payment and completed your order, you will receive your purchased items between 1 to 3 working days (local).

If you encounter issues with your payment, you can click in the “Make Payment Via Paypal” link within the email to make payment.

Order History

If you are a member, you can check your Order History made on the website by clicking on Members on the menu. Click on the Order Number to view the order details.

Make Similar Order

If you have a similar order to make, you can click on the “Make Similar Order” button to add the same items to your Shopping Cart immediately. This saves you the trouble of searching for the product(s) and adding them to your Shopping Cart individually.


If you are sending us your order by email, you need to provide us with the Product Name (Instruments/Grades), Publisher, Product Code and Quantity.

For example, 1) Piano Scales & Broken Chords Grade 1 (ABRSM) 9781860969133 (10 copies)

Please send your order together with Contact Person/School Name, Contact Number and Email address so we can contact you to confirm your order.

Once you confirm your order, we will notify you with the final cost via email.

If you still have questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Thank you for your interest in our website.