Kalimba Lessons

What’s Kalimba?

The Kalimba, also known as the Thumb Piano, originates from Africa. Every cultural group has its own version of the Kalimba, with the more common one known as the Mbira.

Its modern name is called the Thumb Piano, and as the name suggests, you use your thumbs to create wonderful melodies from this simple yet uniquely designed instrument. This instrument is “maintenance free”, so you could enjoy it over a long period of time.

Learn how to play the Kalimba at our Music Studio. Play it for fun or amaze your loved ones at your wedding event!

Play the “Perfect” song for your “Perfect” day:

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What you will learn at our Kalimba Courses:

  • *How to tune the Kalimba
  • *How to apply the Keys labelers
  • *The right technique of playing the Kalimba
  • *Music theory: Rhythm, Tempo, Notation
  • *How to read the Kalimba Music Sheet:

Following is a clip sent in by our Kalimba student 🙂 :