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Sibelius Training and Tutorials Course

Sibelius is possibly the most popular software for writing, playing, printing, and publishing music notation for Novices and Professionals.

Why Sibelius First?

Sibelius is one of the most user-friendly notation programs and is widely used across the music industry. Sibelius First is a free program that gives budding composers access to the fundamentals of notation in songwriting and other compositions.

What can you do with Sibelius First?

Sibelius First is the quickest, simplest way for anyone to start learning music notation. It comes with a very intuitive interface for score creation, with many built-in smart tools that produce amazing results automatically. Teachers can guide student progress through sticky notes and comments, or take advantage of the included instrument library to demonstrate how scores will sound in real life. When students are done composing, it’s easy to show off their accomplishments—turn scores into videos, share directly to social media, export for iPad, print, email, and more.

What can be expected of our in-house Sibelius Lessons?

  1. Notate a piece complete with dynamics, articulation, chord symbols, and any other relevant text
  2. Input notes via Flexi-time and MIDI keyboard (and how to setup MIDI keyboard in Sibelius)
  3. Drum and guitar notation

You could spent hours online going through YouTube videos, or invest 2 – 2.5 hours with our patient Teacher and learn the basics of playback and note entry, how to incorporate tempo markings and lyrics into sheet music, and many more tips and tricks.

Here are some sample lesson projects we will walk you through:
Project 1
– Opening a score
– Editing and inputting notes
– Selections and copying music
– Playback, text and dynamics
Project 2
– Creating a new score
– Clefs, key signatures and tuplets
– Marking up a score
– Layout and formatting
– Exporting
Project 3
– Writing for keyboard
– Writing for guitar / ukulele
– Drum / Cajon notations
– Chord Symbols
– Repeats and codas
– Arranging and playback
Project 4
– Setting up a worksheet
– Scales and arpeggios
– Layout and formatting
– Writing music to picture
– Adding a soundtrack to video
– Publish and share your masterpiece!
– And more……

We get you up to speed quickly, so you could focus on what you do best! Give us a call at 69746322 or write to us through our Contact page.
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Sibelius Learn how to use Sibelius at Ensemble Music

The Instructor is an active composer with a BA(Hons) Music, specialising in Music Composition and Arranging.

Accelerated Violin / Viola Program

At EMusic Studio, we have our students’ interests at heart. Every now and then, when we come across a keen and potential learner, we do our best to “groom” the person to his or her full potential.

Strings instruments are generally harder to pick up at the initial phase because they don’t produce instant perfect pitches like the Piano.  Referring to the Violin and Viola lessons in Singapore, we have students and parents sharing the following experiences with us:

* The lessons progress are painfully slow. Some Teachers spend too much time getting students into that “perfect” bowing position
* It’s mostly about Exam pieces, scales, and arpeggios, followed by more scales and arpeggios etc. Students lost interest eventually
* Little to no emphasis on Violin Studies/techniques that are fundamental to overcoming higher Grades pieces/playing

Hence, we launched the Accelerated Violin / Viola Program, a tailored learning course catered to the aspiring player or the fast learner who does not fit the mainstream programs. Yap, not the typical Violin / Viola lessons with a mere 30mins short runway.

In our Accelerated program, apart from guiding the students through the ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall syllabus, our Teacher will also expose them to wider repertoire playing, including Orchestral style, Violin studies such as Wolfhart, Schradieck and the like mentioned below, DSA program, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music preparation and more.

The program will be run by our dedicated Teacher with Grade 8 Distinction and Diploma in Strings Studies.
The program includes (but not restricted to the following teachings):
* Graded music exams specializing in (ABRSM) and (Trinity Guildhall) in the discipline of Violin and Viola
* Exposure to different genres of repertoire, orchestral style, exam curriculum, DSA / Yong Siew Toh preparation
* Engage in violin studies such as Wolfhart, Mazas, Kreutzer and Kayser as a key approach to honing their Violin/Viola technical skills
* Techniques and methods of “Schradieck” and “Sevcik” in the art of fingers training and position changing
* Tailor a learning program according to the Student’s progress, strength and weaknesses
* Shaping the Students into musically inclined Artists, beyond the traditional/mechanical approach

To join this program, fill up your contact info HERE and we’ll reach out to you soon.

Violin Viola x

ROCKSCHOOL (RSL) Lessons Syllabus

Ensemble Music is an official Partner of Rockschool Ltd and we currently offer the following Rockschool Exam Syllabus:

1. Rockschool Ukulele

RSL Ukulele x

2. Rockschool Acoustic/Electric Guitar

RSL Acoustic Guitar x

3. Rockschool Keyboard/Piano

RSL Keyboard x

4. Rockschool Drum

RSL Drum

5. Rockschool Music Theory

Rockschool music theory

If taking the traditional Classical Music program is not your preferred learning path, why not consider the Rockschool syllabus?

Still, there is no shortcut to any success, but our Teachers are here to guide you through the fun of learning music and earning the certificates at the same time. Call us at 69746332, WhatsApp 98599131 or drop us a note using our Contact Us form.

Kalimba Lessons

What’s Kalimba?

The Kalimba, also known as the Thumb Piano, originates from Africa. Every cultural group has its own version of the Kalimba, with the more common one known as the Mbira.

Its modern name is called the Thumb Piano, and as the name suggests, you use your thumbs to create wonderful melodies from this simple yet uniquely designed instrument. This instrument is “maintenance free”, so you could enjoy it over a long period of time.

Learn how to play the Kalimba at our Music Studio. Play it for fun or amaze your loved ones at your wedding event!

Play the “Perfect” song for your “Perfect” day:

Buying your first Kalimba? Apart from Gecko (heavily promoted by April Yang), there are many other Kalimbas we have tested with good quality. The best way to buy a Kalimba is to test it at our physical store. Otherwise, you may purchase it online as well:

We have a wide range to delight every Kalimba Singapore fan:  Shop Here

What you will learn at our Kalimba Courses:

  • How to tune the Kalimba
  • How to apply the Keys labelers
  • The right technique of playing the Kalimba
  • Music theory: Rhythm, Tempo, Notation
  • How to read the Kalimba Music Sheet

You Raise Me Up

Following is a clip sent in by our Kalimba student :


We teach seniors how to play the Kalimba and they loved it! Yes, Kalimba is easier to learn than Ukuleles. Interested to run Kalimba group classes in your school or organisation? Contact us now!

Kalimba Group Class

Kalimba Group Class


DIY Kalimba Workshop

DIY Kalimba Workshop

DIY Kalimba

DIY Kalimba

Prefer to stay home to learn Kalimba at your own pace? Simply get our Digital Learning Material HERE

Alternatively, we also conduct Kalimba workshop/teambuilding over Zoom. Give us a call or check out more info HERE!

Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet Lessons

Do you wish to become a better Clarinet Player? Our Teacher has a Guildhall School of Music Clarinet Performance Certificate (with Honours) and ABRSM Piano Grade 8 and Theory Grade 8 certificates.

Our Clarinet lessons are fun, with a mix of Classical, Pop and Orchestra / Band playing styles, not the typical Clarinet courses that may appear too dry.

Come and learn from one of the best. Give us a call now at 69746332.