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ROCKSCHOOL (RSL) Lessons Syllabus

Ensemble Music is an official Partner of Rockschool Ltd and we currently offer the following Rockschool Exam Syllabus:

1. Rockschool Ukulele

RSL Ukulele x

2. Rockschool Acoustic/Electric Guitar

RSL Acoustic Guitar x

3. Rockschool Keyboard/Piano

RSL Keyboard x

4. Rockschool Drum

RSL Drum

5. Rockschool Music Theory

Rockschool music theory

If taking the traditional Classical Music program is not your preferred learning path, why not consider the Rockschool syllabus?

Still, there is no shortcut to any success, but our Teachers are here to guide you through the fun of learning music and earning the certificates at the same time. Call us at 69746332, WhatsApp 98599131 or drop us a note using our Contact Us form.