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Mozarts small sonata sixMozarts small sonata six

小奏鸣曲六首 – 莫扎特 Mozart’s six small sonata

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The small sonata of Mozart’s close-up is called “Six Viennese Sonatas” each consisting of three or four movements. The first movements of the first and sixth songs are sonata styles , including contrasting themes, subtitles, and expansion and reproduction. The first movements of the other songs are only three-part or two -segment structures. The second movement of the small sonatas is a small step dance with three middle voices , and the third movement is a slow motion of lyrics. Most of the last movements use lively and happy Rondo . The movements are not long, the structure is concise, and the texture is refined. Playing Mozart’s little songs, in general, the Allegro can’t play too fast, the slow board can’t play too slowly. Strength should be appropriate, and pedals should be used sparingly. With clear and even fingering, pure and transparent sound quality, accurate and vivid rhythm, elegant and playful taste, fully express the characteristics of Mozart music.

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  • Publisher: 上海音乐版社 /Shanghai Music Publishing House
  • Author: 莫扎特 / Mozart
  • Item Number: 9787805535548
  • 55 Pages
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