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ABRSM – Bach Family: A Bach Family Album


This album contains 20 pieces selected from a manuscript of short keyboard pieces by members of the Bach family, copied out by a Hamburg copyist in the 1780s. It makes an interesting and unfamiliar addition to the keyboard music of J. S. Bach and his relations.


  • Polonaise in B flat – J.C. Bach
  • Polonaise in D minor (BWV 1067/5) – J.S. Bach
  • Minuet in C minor – J.C. Bach
  • Minuet in E flat – C.P.E. Bach
  • Minuet in C – J.S. Bach
  • Aria in A minor – J.C. Bach
  • Minuet in D minor – J.C. Bach
  • Polonaise in E flat – J.C. Bach
  • Minuet in C – J.C. Altnickol
  • Minuet in C – J.C. Bach
  • Polonaise in G minor – Anon
  • Minuet in B flat (BWV 825/6) – J.S. Bach
  • Minuet in B flat (BWV 825/5) – J.S. Bach
  • Polonaise in G – J.C.F. Bach
  • Minuet in F – J.C.F. Bach
  • Polonaise in F – J.C.F. Bach
  • Minuet in G – J.C.F. Bach
  • Minuet in A – J.C.F. Bach
  • Polonaise in G – C.P.E. Bach
  • Minuet in G – Anon

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Author/Composer: Bach
Edited By: Richard Jones
Publisher: ABRSM
ISBN: 9781854724151


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