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ABRSM – Cello Scales & Arpeggios Grades 6-8 (Book 2)


The Examination requirements for scales and arpeggios given in this publication are applicable at the time of this reprint. however, reference must always be made to the current syllabus, in case any changes have been made in the requirements.

Separate bowing (one note to a bow) should be played with full tone and a free bowing action. Slurred bowing should be played smoothly, with a firm singing tone and again a freely flowing bow arm. With both separate and slurred bowing, the amount of bow used should be related to the speed at which the scales and arpeggios are performed.

Scales and Arpeggios should be played at a pace that is consistent with accuracy and distinctness, without undue accentuation but with attention to their rhythmic and musical shape. The candidate should aim for a tempo that is compatible with a clean firm tone, vital rhythm, controlled bowing and good intonation.

The fingering given in this publication are considered to be practical but it is not compulsory for examination candidates to adhere to them.

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