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english keyboard music 78english keyboard music 78

ABRSM – English Keyboard Music: 1663-1702


  • Italian Rant [Anon.]
  • The English Paspy [Anon.]
  • Minuett in A minor [John Barrett]
  • Round O in D minor [John Blow]
  • Saraband in A minor [Albertus Bryne]
  • Round O in A minor [Jeremiah Clarke]
  • Aire in C [Raphael Courteville]
  • Minuett in C [Raphael Courteville]
  • Aire in D [William Croft]
  • Air in D minor [Robert King]
  • Coranto in A minor [William Lawes]
  • Golden Grove [William Lawes]
  • Alman in G [Matthew Locke]
  • Twas when the Sheep was Shearing [Thomas Morgan]
  • Saraband to ‘Corke’ [Thomas Pratt]
  • Hornpipe in D minor [Daniel Purcell]
  • A New Scotch Tune, Z. 655 [Henry Purcell]
  • March in C, Z. 647 [Henry Purcell]
  • Minuet in A minor, Z. 650 [Henry Purcell]
  • Minuet in D minor, Z. T688 [Henry Purcell]
  • Riggadoon in C, Z. 653 [Henry Purcell]
  • Song Tune in C, Z. T694 [Henry Purcell / Siavash Beizai]
  • Suite in C, Z. 665: 4th and 5th movements, Saraband and Jigg [Henry Purcell]
  • Suite No. 1 in G, Z. 660: 3rd movement, Corant [Henry Purcell]
  • Jigg in D [Benjamin Rogers]
  • Minuet in A minor, Z. 649 [Henry Purcell]
  • Suite No. 1 in G, Z. 660: 1st movement, Prelude [Henry Purcell]

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Publisher: ABRSM
Product Code: 9781854725172
Author/Composer: N/AEasier Piano Pieces No. 78
English Keyboard Music: 1663-1702


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