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ABRSM – Henry Purcell – Twenty Keyboard Pieces and one by Orlando Gibbons


• first publication of the Purcell manuscript discovered in 1993, now held in The British Library, London
• Henry Purcell used this teaching manuscript to introduce the forms and keyboard techniques of his day
• edited by leading British harpsichordist Davitt Moroney, whose fascinating preface illustrates the collection’s background and importance
• includes five facsimile pages
• includes recording of all the pieces by Davitt Moroney on CD


  • Prelude (folios 4-5) [Orlando Gibbons]
  • Prelude (folio iv) [Henry Purcell]
  • Minuet (folio 2) [Henry Purcell]
  • Air (folio 2) [Henry Purcell]
  • Minuet (folio 2v) [Henry Purcell]
  • ‘Thus Happy and Free’ (folio 2v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Hornpipe (folio 3) [Henry Purcell]
  • Air (folio 3v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Hornpipe (folio 5v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Hornpipe (folio 6) [Henry Purcell]
  • Minuet (folio 6v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Air (folio 7) [Henry Purcell]
  • Minuet (folio 7v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in A minor – Prelude (folio 8) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in A minor – Almand (folio 8v–9) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in A minor – Corant (folio 9v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in A minor – Jig (folio 10) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in C major – Prelude (folio 10v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in C major – Almand (folio 11–10v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in C major – Corant (folio 11v) [Henry Purcell]
  • Set (Suite) in C major – Saraband (folio 12) [Henry Purcell]

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  • Item number: 9781860961281
  • Publisher: ABRSM
  • By Henry Purcell and Orlando Gibbons
  • Edited By: Davitt Moroney
  • From the Purcell manuscript in the British Library
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