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Musical leisure hours 45Musical leisure hours 45

ABRSM – J. C. F Bach: Musical Leisure Hours




  • Adagio in C minor
  • Allegretto in D
  • Allegretto in F
  • Allegro in Bb
  • Allegro in C
  • Allegro in D minor
  • Allegro in E minor
  • Allegro in Eb
  • Allegro in G
  • Andante in E
  • Andante in G
  • Angloise in A
  • Angloise in D
  • Marche in G
  • Menuet in A
  • Menuet in C
  • Menuet in F
  • Musette in G
  • Polonaise in F (allegretto)
  • Scherzo in C
  • Schwaebisch in F
  • Solfeggio in D
  • Solfeggio in G
  • Villanella in Bb



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Publisher: ABRSM
Product Code: 9781854723819
Author/Composer: J. C. F. Bach

Edited By: Timothy Roberts

Easier Piano Pieces No. 45
J. C. F. Bach: Musical Leisure Hours


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