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Artist Piano Literature Bk 3Artist Piano Literature Bk 3
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Artist Piano Literature Book 3


The Developing Artist: Piano Literature Book 3 presents authentic keyboard literature for the intermediate pianist. The selections are organised into the four major periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary, with notes on the historical periods at the beginning of the book.

The content of this book offers ample choice for auditions, festivals, recitals, and personal study.

Consists of carefully selected repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods. Contents include: Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, No. 1, by Clementi • Rondo for Four Hands, by Diabelli • Ballade, by Burgmuller • Spinning Song, by Ellmenreich • Avalanche, by Heller • Wild Rider, by Schumann • and many other selections.

Song List:
A Little Flower (Op. 205, No. 11) (Gurlitt)
Allegro in A Major (L. Mozart)
Allegro in F Major (Haydn)
Arabesque (Op. 100, No. 2) (Burgmuller)
Avalanche (Op. 45, No. 2) (Heller)
Ballade (Op. 100, No. 15) (Burgmuller)
Chinese Figurine (No. 13) (Rebikov
Fanfare in C Major (Duncombe)
Gavotte (Op. 183, No. 1) (Reinecke)
German Dance in D Major (Haydn)
German Dance in D Major (1) (Beethoven)
German Dance in D Major (2) (Beethoven)
Harmony of the Angels (Op. 100, No. 21) (Burgmuller)
March in D Major (Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook) (C.P.E. Bach)
Melody (Op. 68, No. 1) (Schumann)
Minuet in A Minor (Krieger)
Minuet in D Minor (Lully)
Minuet in G Major (Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook)
Minuet in G Major (Haydn)
Minuet in G Minor (Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook) (Pezold)
Musette in D Major (Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook)
Playing Soldiers (Op. 31, No. 4) (Rebikov)
Rondo for Four Hands (Op. 163, No. 6)
Solfeggio in D Major (J.C. Bach)
Sonatina (Russell Jacoby)
Sonatina in C Major (Op. 36, No. 1) (Clementi)
Sonatina in C Major (Haslinger)
Sonatina in G Major, 1st Movement (Op. 168, No. 2) (Diabelli)
Spinning Song (Op. 14, No. 4) (Ellmenreich)
The Moons of Jupiter (Nancy Faber)
Wild Rider (Op. 68, No. 8) (Schumann)

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Product Code: 9781616770563 / 674398201105 / HL004200165
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Faber Piano Adventure
Compiled and edited by: Faber and Faber with Joanne Smith


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