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At the Piano with Liszt

At the Piano with Liszt


Even though many of Liszt’s piano works are technically difficult, this collection brings together a number of his short and beautiful compositions that are technically undemanding. An excellent source of works for the transitioning students.

Title Composer
Album Leaf [S. 164] Franz Liszt (composer)
Christmas Song (Christ Is Born) [S. 502] Franz Liszt (composer)
Consolation No. 1 [S. 172/1] Franz Liszt (composer)
Dedication — Liebeslied [Related to S. 566] Franz Liszt (composer)
Etude in D Minor [S. 136/4; Op. 1, No. 4] Franz Liszt (composer)
Five Hungarian Folk Songs [S. 245] Franz Liszt (composer)
Forgotten Romance (Romance Oubliée) [S. 527] Franz Liszt (composer)
Frühling (Spring) [S. 480/2] Franz Liszt (composer)
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 3 [S. 244/3] Franz Liszt (composer)
La Cloche Sonne (The Tolling Bell) [S. 238] Franz Liszt (composer)
Ländler in A-Flat [S. 211] Franz Liszt (composer)
Mazurka [S. 384] Franz Liszt (composer)
Nocturne No. 2 (First Version) Franz Liszt (composer)
Piano Piece in A-Flat Major No. 2 [S. 189/A] Franz Liszt (composer)
Psaume (from The Church at Geneva) [S. 156/6] Franz Liszt (composer)
Sadness of the Puszta (Longing for the Plains) Franz Liszt (composer)
The Shepherds at the Manger [S. 186/3] Franz Liszt (composer)

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