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Bach: The Art of the Fugue BMW 1080


Uniquely complex in both form and structure, this work by J. S. Bach is regarded as a pinnacle of Western music. No composer possessed a greater understanding of the workings of counterpoint than Bach. In The Art of the Fugue, he summarizes counterpoint’s entire known potential by using a very simple theme in the most complex possible ways.
This work proved to be Bach’s last, and the composer left the nature of its instrumentation undocumented. Despite numerous popular interpretations — including harpsichord, organ, string quartet, and orchestra — speculation persists that Bach intended it purely as an elaborate intellectual exercise. C. P. E. Bach declared its primary value as that of a teaching aid and a guide to composition. This solo keyboard edition was edited by Carl Czerny, a student of Beethoven and teacher of Liszt, who wrote hundreds of piano √©tudes that remain staples of piano training today. Modern pianists will find Czerny’s edition of this classic a source of unfailing variety and limitless imagination.

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  • Item Number: 9780486457314
  • Publisher: Dover Publications
  • Edited For Solo Keyboard by Carl Czerny
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