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Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol 2 Op. 14 Op. 22 Op. 26 Op. 27 Op. 28Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol 2 Op. 14 Op. 22 Op. 26 Op. 27 Op. 28

Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol 2 (Op. 14, Op. 22, Op. 26, Op. 27, Op. 28)


Beethoven wrote 32 sonatas for piano. Volume 2, edited by Stewart Gordon, includes Sonatas 9–15 (Op. 14, Nos. 1–2; Op. 22; Op. 26; Op. 27, Nos. 1–2; and Op. 28), written between 1798 and 1801 and published shortly after they were written. Of the sonatas in this volume, autographs exist for Op. 26; Op. 27, No. 2 (the first and final pages are missing); and Op. 28. This edition is based on the existing autographs and the first editions, published by various Viennese engravers. Dr. Gordon discusses a variety of topics including Beethoven’s life; the pianos of his time and their limitations; Beethoven’s use of articulation, ornamentation, tempo; and the age-old challenge of attempting to determine the definitive interpretation of Beethoven’s music. Valuable performance recommendations, helpful fingering suggestions and ornament realizations are offered in this comprehensive critical body of Beethoven’s sonatas. Where performance options are open to interpretation, other editors’ conclusions are noted, enabling students and teachers to make informed performance decisions.

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Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Product Code: 00-22579
Author/Composer: Beethoven

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