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CD Ripping ServiceCD Ripping Service

CD Ripping Service (up to 10 Disks)


Disclaimer: Although we scan all Flash Drives before delivery, we are not liable if the Drive causes any problems to your personal computers or devices. You are encouraged to ensure your personal devices are equipped with anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

This service is rendered to our customers who purchase books with CDs from us (and therefore own a legitimate original copy) but do not own a CD player.

By adding this to cart, you agree to abide by the Copyright laws as listed in
Remember, it’s never okay to sell, freely distribute or make commercial use of a copy that you own. We are not held liable for any of these events that are beyond our control.

We will provide ripping of up to 10 disks to a single USB flash drive based on a single Purchase Order number that you place. If you order more than 10 books with CDs, please add 2 of this item to cart. Your Order Number will be written on the USB flash drive.

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