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Cello stringstastic levelCello stringstastic level

Cello Stringstastic, Level 3 – A fun and exciting way of learning string theory


This Stringstastic cello book series is specificall designed for beginner cellist aged 6 – 12 years. Level 3 follows on from the knowledge which young players have gained in Stringstastic Level 1 and 2. It extends that knowledge through games and fun graphics to assist young beginner cellists to help them better understand the instrument and to learn music theory in an enjoyable way.

– Revision
– Note and Rest values
– New Time Signature
– Reading rhythms
– Relative Minors and Majors
– Minor Arpeggios
– Labelling Scales and Arpeggios
– What have we learnt so far?
– Sequences
– Ostinato
– Italian terms
– Composition
– Anacrusis
– Forward extension
– Half position
– Last revision
– Test

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Author/Composer: Lorraine Chai
Publisher: Stringstastic
ISBN: 9780648514435

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