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Creative clarinet with CDCreative clarinet with CD

Creative Clarinet with CD


Creative Clarinet is deisgned for the beginner clarinettist who wishes to learn to play jazz, rock, and other contemporary music styles, whilst developing a solid techique.

Uniquely, the method introduces the beginner student to the concepts of jazz improvisation and emphasizes the importance of this approach throughout. Improvisation is not only great fun and a wonderful creative outlet, but it also helps the player to develop a host of other musical skills that will improve their playing in all respects.

This is the first book in the Creative Clarinet Series and it includes a CD of exciting and inspirational backings for 15 pieces, all performed by world-class musicians. This allows the student the opportunity to play along with a real band.

The companion book Creative Clarinet Duets is written specifically for use alongside Creative Clarinet and contains 26 duets in the same variety of styles, all with CD backing. It provides an excellent way of reinforcing and supplementing the techniques already mastered through Creative Clarinet.

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Author/Composer: Kellie Santin & Cheryl Clark
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780193223707



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