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Delius As I Knew Him

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In 1928, a young English composer, Eric Fenby, heard of the unhappy fate of English composer Frederick Delius (1862-1934), who was then living in rural France, blind and nearly paralyzed, eager but unable to continue his work. Deeply moved by Delius’ music as well as by his plight, Fenby determined that he “would do anything to  be the means of his (Delius) finishing that music” and offered the ailing composer his help as an amanuensis.

During the seven years that remained of Delius’ life, Fenby notated a series of his works, including two major ones, Songs of Farewell and A Song of Summer. This volume, a classic of its kind in musical literature, is an intimate and affectionate portrait of the eccentric composer, of inestimable value in what it reveals of Delius and his work.

Delius as I Knew Him describes in detail the composer’ reclusive life in Grez-sur-Loing, his relationships with Sir Edward Elgar, Sir Thomas Beecham and other musical notables, his revulsion toward Christianity, his unswerving devotion to music despite the increasing severity of his handicaps, and much more. For those interested in the music of Delius, Fenby’s memoir offers a richly rewarding reading experience, full of fascinating anecdotes and insights into the mind and heart of an extraordinary musical personality.

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Publisher: Dover Publications
Author / Composer: Eric Fenby
ISBN-10: 0-486-28042-X


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