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Domenico ZipoliDomenico Zipoli

Domenico Zipoli: Suite No. 1 in B minor


Offprint from “sonate d’Intavolatura per Organo e Cimbalo” Volume II: Harpsichord Works (SM 2204)

Second Movement set for the ABRSM Grade 6 Piano Syllabus 2011/2012

the present edition is based faithfully on the original edition of 1716, although the notation has been made to conform to the customary present day form. The original edition is on two staves each of five lines; the upper stave has the treble clef (and not, as in the first part of Zipoli’s Sonatas, the soprano clef) and the lower stave uses the bass and tenor clefs are used exclusively according to the present day practice. As far as accidentals are concerned, in the original edition they were valid not for the whole bar but only for the note they preceded; in our edition, on the other hand, we have followed the criterion of making the accidental valid for the whole bar. This eliminates many of the original repetitions of the accidentals, and the missing naturals made necessary by the present day methods of writing have been added. the key signatures at the beginning of the lines, on the other hand, conform faithfully to the original, even where they differ from present day usage (e.g. D minor without B flat and G minor without E flat). The editor’s additions and insertions are given in brackets (ties and note-stems in dotted lines); such additions are limited to the indispensable and consist of shakes, ties and rests (the latter for the greater clarity of the polyphonic structure). the Suites are not numbered in the original edition; in the present edition they are distinguished by Roman numerals.

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Author/Composer: Domenico Zipoli /
Publisher: Süddeutscher Musikverlag
Product Code: SM2204/44



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