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Eta Cohen’s Preliminary Book Starting Right


An exciting and fun addition for beginner violinists to the highly respected Eta Cohen Violin Method. This book avoids difficulties of reading even at the earliest stage. Rhythm exercises are introduced before any pitch notation, preparing young violinists for the attractive tunes which follow. All the melodies are kept within the compass of the scale of D major. As well as being easy to read, sing and play, this ensures a natural height of the bowing arm, helping achieve a good sound. Words are included to help learning and so that even the simplest tunes are fun.
Duet parts for the violin or piano are included so that the beginners learn the importance of ensemble playing and keeping time right from the start.

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Item Number: 9780853609841

ETA COHEN'S VIOLIN METHOD : Eta Cohen and Christine Brown

Preliminary Book for Beginners

Illustrations by Heather Andrews

Educational Edition by Music sales

Distributed by Hal Leonard