Figured Harmony At The Keyboard Part 1 and 2 Combo

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Common chords in root position
First inversions
Second inversions
The chord of the seventh in root position
The first inversion of the seventh
The remaining inversions of the seventh
Accented passing notes: simple ornamentation
Major and minor ninths and diminished sevenths
The remaining chromatic chords (augmented triad, augmented sixth, Neapolitan sixth)
Double and triple suspensions
Rests in the bass
Part 2:
A second, more specialist set of tutorials that introduce and cover the Baroque techniques of figured harmony in more difficult and unusual circumstances. Discover how to approach figures with only the two outer parts supplied. Become familiar with chorales that provide only a bass part to work from, and how to extend the range and scope of you harmonisations with more unusual bass parts.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: R.O. Morris