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Form in musicForm in music

Form in Music

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Contents Include: Accent, Time and Rhythm Phrases and Sentences The Half-Phrase, or Section Rythmic Extension and Contraction The Construction of Complete Movements-The Simple Binary, or Two-Part Form The Simple Ternary, or Three-Part Form The Binary and Ternary Forms(Continued) The Evolution of the Ternary Idea: The Minuet and Trio-The Episodical Form The Evolution of the Trenary Idea(Continued)The Older, Or Simple, Rondo The Evolution of the Trenary Idea(Continued) Sonata-Form-The Exposition-First Subject and Transition Sonita-The Development, or Free Fantasia Form(Continued): Sonita-Form(Continued) The Recapitulation and Coda-The Introduction Departures from the Normal Type of Sonata-Form: (i)modified Sonata-Form (ii) The Modern or Sonata-Rondo The Variation Form The Sonata as a Whole Fugue Canon (i) The Symphony: (ii) The Overture: (iii) Concerted Chamber-Music The Cocerto (i) Dance Forms The Evolution of Sonata-Form Modern Tendencies Programme-Music, The Symphonic Poem, etc Glossary General Index Keywords: Sonata Form Evolution Ternary Minuet And Trio Rondo Recapitulation Chamber Music Dance Forms I Dance Coda Fugue Contraction Departures Fantasia Tendencies Exposition Sentences Accent Rhythm Phrase.

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Publisher: Stainer & Bell Ltd
Author / Composer: Stewart Macpherson
ISBN-10: 0-852-49237-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-852-49237-6

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