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Bach First Lessons In Bach 28 PiecesBach First Lessons In Bach 28 Pieces

J.S. Bach First Lessons In Bach 28 Pieces (CD Included)


First Lessons In Bach 28 Pieces
This new edition combines the contents of both books of the timeless Bach/Carroll Schirmer Library volume. Includes a companion CD recorded by the editor and performance notes on the individual pieces.
Bourree, BWV 996
Gavotte en Rondeau, BWV 822
Gavotte I, BWV 808
Gavotte II, BWV 811
Gavotte, BWV 816
March, BWV App 122
March, BWV App 124
March, BWV App 127
Minuet 1, BWV 822
Minuet 2, BWV 822
Minuet 3, BWV 822
Minuet I, BWV 813
Minuet, BWV 817
Minuet, BWV 820
Minuet, BWV App 114
Minuet, BWV App 115
Minuet, BWV App 116
Minuet, BWV App 121
Minuet, BWV App 132
Musette, BWV 808
Musette, BWV App 126
Polonaise, BWV App 119
Polonaise, BWV App 130
Polonaise, BWV App 125
Polonaise, BWV App 123
Prelude, BWV 823
Sarabande, BWV 810
Scherzo, BWV 827

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Publisher: Schirmer Performance Editions
Product Code: HL00296709
Author/Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach