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Miscellaneous Keyboard Works Toccatas Fugues And Other PiecesMiscellaneous Keyboard Works Toccatas Fugues And Other Pieces

J.S. Bach, Miscellaneous Keyboard Works – Toccatas, Fugues And Other Pieces

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This volume brings together a wide selection of Bach’s keyboard compositions, including many pieces difficult to find in other editions. Included are several well-known works: the important harpsichord toccatas, the Capriccio on the Departure of His Most Beloved Brother, the Aria Variata alla Maniera Italiana, and the Six Little Preludes, as well as many lesser-known but significant pieces — fugues, sonatas, and other works — over 40 in all. Reprinted from the authoritative Breitkopf and Härtel edition, the music in this inexpensive yet well-made volume offers pianists a rich selection of interesting works stamped with the melodic and rhythmic invention and harmonic audacity characteristic of Bach.

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Item number: 9780486266817

Publisher: Dover Publishing

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