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Keyboard Chords in Colour

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B-stock items are unused but they have some physical foxing or light stains on the book covers. The content is however intact and completely useable.

A complete resource for keyboard and piano players alike. This portable guide includes large, full-colour photos and chord diagrams. This handy new reference guide is the essential guide for all keyboard players. The chords are presented in full-colour photographs that clearly show the fingering of each and every chord as well as a full-colour diagram illustrating the fingering in detail and the relationships among the notes of the chord.

  • the most popular chord book format, now available for keyboard players.
  • A unique and portable resource for all players in full-colour photos and diagrams
  • Chords grouped by keys makes it easy to find the chords you need – no page flipping!
  • Fits your bag – Carry it everywhere!



In stock

Item Number: 9780825633584 / AM982014

Publisher: AMSCO Publishing, Part of Music Scales Company / wise publications


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