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More Classics to Moderns (Second Series) Book 1


A selection of easy original piano music as written by the master composers of three centuries. The music provides the pianist with a repertoire which is enjoyable for player and listener alike. Compulied and edited by Denes Agay.

Each of the 6 books contains an outstanding selection of original music spanning more than three centuries. A wise representation of composers includes lesser known masters whom the performer will be delighed to encounter. All selections are in their original form, neither re-arranged nor simplified. Students, teachers, indeed all pianists, will find these pieces a priceless source of study material, recital pieces, sight reading exercises – or just relaxing musical entertainment.

  1. Old German Dance – Michael Praetorious
  2. Round Dance – Joachim con der Hofe
  3. Trumpet Minuet – Jeremiah Clarke
  4. La Montagnarde The Highlander – Jean Joseph Mouret
  5. Gavotte
  6. Passepied
  7. Minuet – Leopold Mozart’s little notebook for nannerl
  8. Air – wilhelm Friedemann Bach
  9. Bourree
  10. German Dance
  11. Gavotta
  12. Frolic
  13. Quiet Song
  14. Andante K15 mm
  15. Dance Song
  16. Ecossaise – Johann Nepomuk Hummel
  17. Sonatina – Thomas Attwood
  18. Allemande German Dance
  19. Ecossaise – Beethoven
  20. Bagatelle – antonio diabelli
  21. Little Rondo
  22. Landler
  23. little piece op 68 no 5 – Robert Schumann
  24. the hiding cuckoo album for the young
  25. Russian Dance
  26. At the play with a hoop – peccadilles importunes
  27. the shepherd’s song
  28. lullaby Op39, No4
  29. Polka Op39 No2
  30. Moonlit Pagoda – Joy of first year piano
  31. Game Op 39 No5 – Dmitri Kabalevsky


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  • Item Number: 9780860016779 / YK20121
  • Publisher: Yorktown Music Press
  • works by: Clarke, Telemann, Handel, Leopold Mozart, Bach Haydn, Mozart, Sperontes, Hummel, Attwood, Beethoven, Diabelli, Le Couppey, Schubert, ScAhumman, Satie, Kabalevsky.
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