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Mozart An Extraordinary Life

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How did an 18th-century child prodigy become a 20th-century icon?
Was the adult Mozart really a womanizing, drink-fuelled gambler with Tourette’s Syndrome?
Was he murdered…?

Julian Rushton jumps right into the debate with this fascinating and readable history, dispensing with the myth, conjecture , and popular iconography that frequently distorts our notions of what Mozart and his times were really like. What emerges is a more human and believable portrait , challenging our preconceptions while deepening our understanding of this extraordinary man and his music.

A selection of biographies written by experts and specialists for each composer. Each book providing an insight into the extraordinary lives of these great composers.

The Extraordinary Life series includes biographies for Bach, Elgar, Mozart, Purcell and Britten. Each book has been researched and written by leading specialists, providing revealing accounts of the lives of these extraordinary composers. The collection dispels myths, provides a social setting for their respective work, and produces a human and believable portrait of each composer. Anyone interested in these great composers will find these fascinating and readable histories.

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Publisher: ABRSM Publishing
Author / Composer: Julian Rushton
ISBN-10: 1-860-96419-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-860-96419-0

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