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Mozart chamber musicMozart chamber music

Mozart Chamber Music

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This study of Mozart’s chamber music includes all works written for informal performance with a single player to each part. Besides those for strings, such as the ‘ten great quartets’ and the string quintets, these include the Piano Trios, the quartets for wind and strings, and the Clarinet and the Armonica Quintets.

This volume is one of a series of music guides which are planned to give the layman an overall view of the subject, showing how particular works came to be written, their significance in the general history of the genre, and how the form was developed by the composer. There are detailed examinations of important works or movements, with musical examples.

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Publisher: BBC
Author / Composer: Alec Hyatt King
ISBN-10: 0-563-20486-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-563-20486-2

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