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My First Book of BachMy First Book of Bach

My First Book of Bach: Favorite Pieces in Easy Piano Arrangements


These special arrangements offer beginning pianists the pleasure and satisfaction of playing Bach. Students of all ages will delight in these easy, pedagogical piano arrangements of melodies such as “Jesu, Joy of Man;s Dressing,” “Sheep may safely graze and the haunting opening from the ‘Toccata and Fugue in D minor.'”. Arranged in order of approximate difficulty, 26 selections include Air on a G string, and Wachet Auf and highlights from the Brandenburg Concertos, the Goldberg Variations and the Inventions. Additional features include a generous assortment of menuets, gavottes, bourees and other fun to play pieces.
  1. Air on a G String
  2. Affetuoso from Brandenburg Concerto No.5
  3. Chorale from cantata no 26
  4. Menuet No 1 from suite in Eb Major
  5. Menuet No 2 from suite in Eb Major
  6. Arioso in G Major
  7. Aria from Goldberg Variations
  8. Rondo from orchestral suite no 2
  9. Musette
  10. Sheep may safely graze
  11. Adagio from concerto for oboe
  12. Menuet from anna magdealena;s notebook
  13. Gavotte from English suite no 3
  14. Gavotte
  15. Bouree
  16. Gavotte from french suite no 5
  17. Menuet from a notebook for wilhelm friedmann Bach
  18. Tacatta and Fugue in D minor (opening)
  19. Bouree from overture in french style
  20. brandenburg concerto no 3 (opening)
  21. prelude in C major
  22. Jesu joy of man’s Dressing
  23. Wachet Auf
  24. invention in C major
  25. Invention in A minor
  26. Invention in F major

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Item Number: 9780486457376
Publisher: Dover Publications
Edited by: David Dutkanicz (ed.)
Favorite Pieces in Easy Piano Arrangements.

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