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On the Mozart trail: A guide for fellow-seekers

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Everyone has a personal image of Mozart. It is often acoustic, but more often – thanks to the chocolate balls – visual. This is an advantage not to be underestimated: no one is excluded from the discussion; no other artist has become to such an extent common intellectual property. It is also a disadvantage, however: our apparent familiarity with Mozart all too easily conceals the fact that basically we know nothing, that our knowledge at best throws light on individual aspects which ultimately never add up to a conclusive whole. Our images of Mozart are sketchy, distorted and falsified. Despite all the results afforded by research, the historical personage remains just as unfathomable as the musical genius.

The present volume is intended to take account of this circumstance with a mixture of fact and fiction. Within the field of tension between, let us say, obtrusive familiarity and admission of ignorance, we try to provide as wide a variety of clues as possible, leading from the 18th century directly tour own world of experience – sometimes consistent and logical, sometimes in playful association. but always bearing in mind that it is more interesting to ask questions than to provide answers.

The topics follow the guidelines formulated by Virgil Widrich for the dramatic structure of the Wiener Mozartjahr, thus revealing its underlaying philosophy. The concept of this book is determined by the resolve of the Wiener Mozartjahr not to be restricted to retrospective celebrations and national self-affirmation; on the contrary, it focuses strongly on contemporary creative work, on overstepping the narrow boundaries of the arts world and – in reverence to Mozart’s unique popularity – on different ways Mozart’s continuing effect in the modern world.

The photo-essay by Gyula Fodor takes into the visual realm the lines of thought we wish to open up. Just as there are scarcely any authentic portraits of Mozart, modern Vienna is almost entirely lacking in original settings associated with Mozart’s life. Our curiosity was aroused by the question of where Mozart might be tracked down, his presence felt or imagined; this lent our work an element of excitement that we hope will be communicated to the reader.

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Publisher: Peter Marboe
Author / Composer: Various
ISBN-10: 3-950-21051-2
ISBN-13: 978-3-950-21051-4

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