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piano lesson book 1piano lesson book 1

Piano Lessons Book 1 : Hal Leonard Student Piano Library with CD


(Educational Piano Library). From the very first lessons in Book 1, students are making music as they explore the piano keyboard through fun improvisation pieces called My Own Song . The beginning of the book introduces finger numbers, the black-key and white-key groups, and basic rhythm patterns. Directional reading is taught first by finger number, then by note name, and then by interval (stop, skip, and repeat). Once the students are introduced to the staff, they learn reading guides Bass F and Treble G and read by interval in several different hand positions. This package includes a Piano Lessons Book with access to online audio and MIDI files of delightful backing tracks to give kids the joy of sounding great even as beginners! The online audio also features Playback+ features that let students slow down the tempo without changing pitch or loop challenging passages until they get it right!

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Barbara Kreader, Fred Kern, Phillip Keveren








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