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Piano Time Jazz Duets 1


Piano Time Jazz Duets 1 is a fabulous collection of pieces in jazzy and light styles. Carefully within for students around the level of Piano Time 2, these stylish and toe-tapping duets provide accessible and fun material for all young jazz players. Here are duets in all kinds of styles, from an energetic boogie to a moody blues and lively samba, as well as music to waltz, groove, and rock ‘n’ roll to, and pieces to sing along with, Wittily illustrated, this is a must-have collection for all teachers and pupils looking for fresh and original duet repertoire.

  1. Takin’ it easy
  2. Can’t stop the beat
  3. Busybody bossa
  4. Big Feet
  5. Caramba!
  6. Afternoon stroll
  7. Coconut Rumba
  8. Lollipop Rock
  9. Follow a groove
  10. Boogie Baby
  11. Faraway
  12. Algy and the BEar
  13. Cafe tango
  14. a bit like bill

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  • Item Number: 9780193355972
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Book 1
  • By Pauline Hall