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poco piano for young children 1 second editionpoco piano for young children 1 second edition

Poco Piano for Young Children Book 1


A course that takes young students from beginner level to grade 1. Based on a holistic approach, this course introduces students to music through piano playing, music theory and sight reading.

Book 1 introduces the child to the keyboard, staves, clefs, simple time signatures, note values and rests. Reading encompasses notes to a 5th below Middle C. The notes A and E are introduced first, played by a braced 3rd finger of each hand. This encourages free movement of the whole arm fromm the shoulder, and develops a natural, balanced hand position, before the 5-finger position is gradually mastered. The first line of the treble stave and the fifth line of the bass stave are highlighted, and further lines are similarly treated as the child learns more notes. Staccato, slurs, ties, upbeats and repeat signs are all experienced in Book 1. Tempo and dynamic markings encourage musical playing, and are in English, in order to avoid “knowledge overload”.

Author/Composer: Ng Ying Ying / Margaret O’Sullivan Farrell
Publisher: Poco Studio


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