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poco piano for young children 3 second editionpoco piano for young children 3 second edition

Poco Piano for Young Children Book 3


A course that takes young students from beginner level to grade 1. Based on a holistic approach, this course introduces students to music through piano playing, music theory and sight reading.

Book 3 introduces the concepts of key, key signature, scales, triads, tones and semitones in a novel and exciting way: each key is a group of characters or objects with note-names (i.e. a band, a birthday party, a clothes-line with garments). Certain notes belong, while all other notes (accidentals) are outsiders. Transposition is a natural outcome of this concept, with a tune moving from one group to another. The child masters eight new notes (up to Treble High G and down to Bass Low F), which facilitates the playing of more adventurous repertoire. The semiquaver, semiquaver rest, dotted crotchet and dotted quaver are introduces, and tempo markings are now in Italian. As in the previous two books, ensemble-playing is encouraged.

Author/Composer: Ng Ying Ying / Margaret O’Sullivan Farrell
Publisher: Poco Studio


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