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Poco Piano For Young Children Book 4Poco Piano For Young Children Book 4

Poco Piano for Young Children Book 4


A course that takes young students from beginner level to grade 1. Based on a holistic approach, this course introduces students to music through piano playing, music theory and sight reading.

Book 4 reinforces and revises all concepts learned in Books 1-3. It contains attractive repertoire in various styles and from different periods. Each piece has a comprehensive preparation section covering the musical, technical and structural matters which will be encountered. The aim is to cultivate critical thinking and musical awareness in the student. As in previous books, the child is actively involved through the use of writing, colouring, tracing and pasting, thereby making the preparation an enjoyable activity. The standard of the repertoire approaches that of Grade 1.

Author/Composer: Ng Ying Ying / Margaret O’Sullivan Farrell
Publisher: Poco Studio


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