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Portraits in JazzPortraits in Jazz

Portraits in Jazz

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B-stock items are unused but they have some physical foxing or light stains on the book covers. The content is however intact and completely useable.


  1. Ella Scats the Little Lamb
  2. Waltz for Miles
  3. Sweet Mister Jelly Roll
  4. The Monk
  5. Blues for “The Duke”
  6. A Taste of Bass
  7. Billie’s Song
  8. Mr. Satchmo
  9. Cancion de la Havana
  10. Bossa Brasilia
  11. Blue Bird
  12. Cool Trane
  13. A Guide to interpretation
  14. About the Composers

“Pianist composer educator Valerie Capers has created a Gem. Portraits in Jazz is a simple, well-constructed musical vehicle which will enable children and intermediate players to create the sounds and rhythms of Jazz in a variety of styles associated with twelve of the most influential musicians in the field. i recommend this to all music teachers. ” – Dr. Billy Taylor

“This collection of piano pieces by Valerie Capers covers a wide spectrum of jazz in a delightfully musical, yet simple fashion. These compositions are suitable for young people to play who are interested in leaning about jazz” – Marian McPartland

“This is the most refreshing approach to musically acknowledged jazz musicians available. they are a joy to hear and play, – My hat’s off to Valerie!”


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  • Item Number: 9780193385627
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • By: Pauline Hall