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Practice in Music Theory for the Little Ones Book A (Josephine Koh)


Practice In Music Theory – Book A is the first part of an excellent series containing material for young beginners between 4 and 6 years of age. It features fantastic illustrations, games and puzzles all geared towards introducing the theoretical demands of music, and seeks to make this learning of theory a fun and exciting experience!

Written in simple language and accompanied by captivating illustrations, Josephine and Florence Koh’s book will stimulate the little ones’ interest and make the learning of music theory as fun and exciting an experience as is possible! Highlights include the Matching Game, Keyboard Game Picture fun and music Quiz. This is also the first children’s theory book to introduce various instruments of the orchestra. There is an illustration and an explanatory note for each of the instruments and these help to give children the basic knowledge of the more common instruments.

With this book, teaching and learning will surely be a refreshing and enjoyable experience!

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