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Chopin prelude in D flat majorChopin prelude in D flat major

Prelude in D flat Major (Raindrop)


The constant repetition of A-flt so strongly suggests the image of the raindrops, that the tittle “Raindrop Prelude” was inevitable. The beautifully lyric opening theme is contrasted with a dramatic middle section in the parallel minor, spelled en-harmonically as C-sharp minor. the raindrop motif carries through both sections in the same pitch. for the middle section, bring out the bass line on beats 1 and 2 and the inner voice on beat 3 and 4. the raindrop motif should continue undisturbed except for the crescendo swells.

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Author/Composer: Frédéric Chopin
Edited by: Randall Faber
Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures
ISBN-13: 9781616778415
Item code: HL00420005


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