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alfred prep course lesson book Calfred prep course lesson book C

Prep Course For the Beginner Lesson Book Level C


Alfred’s Basic Prep Course, Levels A through F, was written to answer a demand for a course of piano study designed specifically for students who are five years old and up. This course offers a careful introduction of fundamentals, music that fits comfortably under the young student’s normal hand span, plus constant reinforcement, all leading to results beyond those generated by other piano methods. After Lesson Book B, the student may progress to Prep Course, Lesson Book C or choose to go directly into the faster paced Level 1B of Alfred’s Basic Piano Library. The complete Prep Course consists of six books (Levels A through F).

Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Product Code: 9780882848280

Author/Composer: Willard A Palmer / Morton Manus / Amanda Vick Lethco


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