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rockschool popular music theoryrockschool popular music theory

Rockschool Popular Music Theory (Debut to Grade 5)


The Rockschool Popular Music Theory Guidebook (Grades 6–8) follows on seamlessly from the previous Guidebook in the series with an accessible, in-depth exploration of the more advanced music theory encountered by students taking Rockschool’s later Grade Exams. Use it with the accompanying Popular Music Theory Workbooks (Grades 6–8) to ensure success in your exams.
Rockschool’s Popular Music Theory series is also ideal for Music Technology, GCSE and Further Education students.

Your Grade 6 – 8 Guidebook includes sample questions from each of the following sections of your theory exam:

  • Advanced music notation
  • Time signatures
  • Modes and modal key signatures
  • Advanced scales
  • How transposition works
  • Extended chords and voice leading
  • How to write for instruments in different styles of music
  • A guide to improvisation
  • How to read and analyse a musical score

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Product Code: RSK011501
Publisher: Music Sales
Author/Composer: Charlie Griffiths, Stephen Lawson, Simon Troup, Jennie Troup and Nik Preston

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