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Schubert the music and the manSchubert the music and the man

Schubert: The Music and the Man

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Schubert is often depicted as a feckless, epicene Biedermeier paramour, pen poised to pluck melodies from the air but, as Newbould demonstrates, few composers have been so compulsively dedicated to their art.

“The best introduction to Schubert and his world… In his transparent accounts of the music itself, and in his placing of Schubert’s output within a musical tradition, Newbould gives us a real sense of why classical music worked and why it still speaks to us.” – Ian Bostridge, Wall Street Journal.

“Mr Newbould… writes throughout as a fine musician, able to convey the musical essence of a song or movement in a deft turn of phrase. It is a remarkable feat… His knowledge not only of Schubert’s output but also of anything pertinent that came before proves astonishingly comprehensive… This book makes it everywhere clear that the author, much as he says of Schubert, speaks “the language of music with the naturalness of conversation.”” – James Oestreich, New York Times.

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Publisher: Orion Publishing
Author / Composer: Brian Newbould
ISBN-10: 0-575-06747-0

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