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Stringstastic Mini Players – Violin Theory Level 1


Stringstastic Mini Players is specifically suited for children aged 4 to 7. It introduces young players to the world of violin playing and music theory. The book helps young players understand their instrument a little more and contains very basic music theory.

– String Family
– The Violin Parts
– Open Strings
– Music Stave (Staff)
– Treble Clef
– Bar Lines
– Open Strings on the Stave
– Reading Notes
– Fingerings
– Notes on the Violin
– Sharps
– Position of Stems
– Note Values
– What have we learnt so far?
– Rests
– Time Signature
– D String
– A String
– Revision
– G String
– E String
– Name the Notes

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Author/Composer: Lorraine Chai
Publisher: Stringstastic
ISBN: 9780995412835


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