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The Keyboard Scale ManualThe Keyboard Scale Manual

The Keyboard Scale Manual

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B-stock items are unused but they have some physical foxing or light stains on the book covers. The content is however intact and completely useable.

A complete guide to scales, especially designed keyboard diagrams combined with standard notation make any scale easy to learn. Includes basic scale theory as well as fingering patterns for all major, minor and modal scales. A must for all keyboard players.

Here is the clearest, most useful scale book for keyboard ever published. The Keyboard Scale Manual presents graphic and musical representations of all Majors, harmionic minor, melodic minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian scales. The scales in each section start with no sharps and no flats and continue in order through the “circle of fifths” until all 12 scales are demonstrated. Complete two-octave fingerings for right and left hands are presented in standard music notation plus easy to read keyboard diagrams. These detailed musical “roadmaps” make visualizing and leaning new scales easy for anyone.

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Item number: 9780825612497 / 752187762256

Publisher: AMSCO Publishing

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