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The songwriter idea bookThe songwriter idea book

The Songwriters Idea Book (Hardcover)

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In her first two books, Sheila Davis classified the major song forms and enduring principles that have been honored for decades by America’s foremost songwriters. Those books have become required reading in music courses from NYU to UCLA.

In The Songwriters Idea Book,¬†Davis goes one step further, giving you 40 strategies for designing distinctive songs. You’ll break new ground in your own songwriting by learning about the inherent relationship between language style, personality type and the brain.

– You’ll go, step by step, through the creative process as you activate, incubate, separate and discriminate.

– You’ll learn to use the whole-brain techniques of imaging, brainstorming and clustering.

– You’ll expand your skilled use of figurative language with paragrams, metonyms, synecdoche and antonomasia.

– You’ll be challenged to design metaphors, form symbols, make puns and coin words.

– And, you’ll learn how to prevent writer’s block, increase your productivity and maintain your creative flow.

Over 100 successful student lyrics from pop, country, cabaret, and theater serve as role-models to illustrate the “whole-brain” songwriting process.

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Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
Author / Composer: Sheila Davis
ISBN-10: 0-89879-519-2

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